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They were very professional and through with their inspection which made it easy for me to access my garage.
Daisy D. Sims
They made sure that the springs and everything were fixed and also made sure to add a safety lock for much comfort as well.
Patricia H. Collins
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City of Delta

The beautiful city of delta where people live in peace and harmony. Although a safe haven one cannot be safe from a burglary. This is why we Plus Garage Door Doctors and looking into it for the best results.

Living in Delta, B.C.

Living in delta is a dream come true but safety is still the first priority and we can make sure that you are aware of our services.

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Reasons to Use a Manual Garage Door Lock

Door Lock

Technology might have taken things further into a stage where we tend to realise that we do not require the old methods and ways. Regardless of where it has taken us, you need to understand that certain things were better the way they are. Be it forms of education or the manual door lock. Both these concepts require a sense of understanding, and the results seem to be positive. So when it comes to door locks, people do not really believe in the manual version, as other types are better. But to change that perspective, here are some of the main reasons why you need to use a manual garage door lock.

Quick and Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Let’s start from the beginning. When it comes to installation, you can carry on the process, and it might get over in a day. But that is not the case for other types of door locks. The security-enhanced versions might take days and requires a bunch of people for the job. A manual version requires a single person, and the task will be done in a matter of time. There are very few components that need to be installed, and some with prior experience can finish the job with ease.

The Cost

This goes without saying, as the latest ones require a bunch of components that cost a lot. The amount of money that you are going to spend on the manual ones will be as minimal as possible, and you will never find it to be expensive. When it comes to automatic garage doors, you should understand that they are not operated manually. Instead, they are effective in raising your utility bills, as it tends to be another form of expense. With manual doors, you can fit it and then forget all about it.

The Option of Choice

Option of Choice

If you are planning to move ahead with the manual version, then you would be choosing between a few options. You are left with the option of choice, and you can choose the one that matches your likes and interests. Slide lock, t-handle lock and deadbolt lock are some of the top options that people tend to rely on. Based on the position of your garage, you can choose the one for you.

Easily Accessible

Once a manual door is installed, you can access it whenever you want, and there are restrictions about the same. But that is not the case for automatic doors since they can be opened when there is power supply. So once you are out of energy, then you cannot open your door, and you will be forced to wait. Hence, think about your choices and make the right decision.

Maintenance Tips for Your Garage

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance plays an essential role if you want things to last for a long time. This is quite common for a lot of products and appliances since they tend to run out on quality after a point of time. When it comes to your garage door, things remain the same, and only proper maintenance can save you. By doing so, your garage door will be in good shape, and you might not encounter problems from time to time. So, to bring more clarity, here are some tips on maintaining your garage door.

Inspect those Rollers

There are certain aspects of your garage door that you need to examine each time you plan on using them. Rollers are those aspects since they can cause huge problems. If they are worn or cracked, you might not be able to carry on the process with ease. Hence, keep your eyes on the rollers.


Never Ignore Rust

Rust is a factor that you should not avoid at all times. So, if you find parts to be filled with rust, then you should either consider cleaning or replacing them. The practical solution out of the two is replacing them, so think about the same.

Proper Lubrication

There are several parts of your garage door that require lubrication, and you should not avoid them. By doing so, you are also trying to prevent that noise which emerges whenever you try to open your garage door. Hence, keep certain parts of your garage door well greased and lubricated.

Check those Cables

Your cables also tend to tear and start creating problems. Once you notice such things, you must immediately call a professional and get things fixed. But you must never try to change them on your own, unless and until you have mastered the craft before. So, let the expert carry things forward.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends

There are plenty of screws that are part of your garage door, so you need to keep a close eye on them. As you keep using them, they are bound to loosen up. This brings in the concept of monitoring them if you wish to avoid damages in the future. Hence, always be on the lookout with an eye of caution.

Clean the door

Since your door is exposed to a lot of things, you need to clean them. Keeping your door clean is essential since you are avoiding problems that might come up ahead. Be it leaves or other forms of debris, you need to clean them away from your door, to keep things in the right form. So, remember these points and follow them, to bring the best out of everything. Hence, make the process fun and engaging.

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